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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunrise Serenade over Mount Rainier

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These exquisite Grace Note Steeple Chimes, reminiscent of the sound of church bells, have an unusual elegance. Their beautiful tones give the ambiance of a peaceful country morning.  It is almost as if you've awakened in a different era of quiet grace.
Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Super-size Dragonfly Kite

Dragonfly Kite
Super-size your Dragonfly Kite. Everything works together to make Graeme Poole's Dragonfly Kite something different in the sky. The eyes and body inflate with the wind, and the faux double wings are completely convincing, a couple hundred feet up. You'd swear it has four wings, not two. Very cool. Made of ripstop nylon with fiberglass spars. 7ft-6in x 6in-10in. Wind range 5 to 20 mph. 33in case and handle with 130 ft of 80-lb. line included. Longer line recommended.

    * Eyes and body inflate with the wind -This is the reason we've included it under Parafoil Kites.
    * Very cool and completely convincing even a couple hundred feet up
    * Flies in 5 to 20 mph winds
    * Includes 130 ft of 80-lb. line on a handle
    * 33in case for easy travel

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Monday, November 08, 2010

House Flag Stand

House Flag Stand

The Deluxe House Flag Stand is a great way to display a decorative flag or banner. The main vertical is constructed of sturdy 3/4 inch channel steel. The flag holder is made of 3/8" rod iron. All house size banners 28in x 40in or smaller fit this classic display option. Height above ground is 5 feet. Weight: approximately 8 lbs.
This flag stand is a three piece design requiring minimal assembly.
39in x 60in
Great Gift Idea!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will of the Wind Chimes

Grace Note Musical Wind Chimes

The final touches to any landscape theme are the wind chimes. Whether you live in the Southwest Desert, the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest or the great Eastern Seaboard, wind chimes will add an element of beauty to the design of your garden.

We suggest that you choose wind chimes that are hand tuned and are actual musical instruments. Musical wind chimes come in several distinctive tunings that make it easy for you to determine the sounds that harmonize with you personally. The chimes will even harmonize with each other when hung in pairs or sets. Another great thing about wind chimes is that they come in a variety of sizes. Wind Carillons can be up to seven feet long while the smaller chimes begin at about two feet long. If they are tuned, the quality of sound will be wonderful with any size.

Once you've decided on the tuning and size of the chimes, you'll want to consider location. Do you love the sounds of chimes wafting through the bedroom windows or would you rather hear them from a distance? Do you have a gazebo, trees, a vegetable garden, a rose garden, or a deck? There's no specific rule for hanging chimes and it is always possible to move them if you choose to experiment with the location. I have chimes near the front door, on the deck and situated throughout the yard. Everywhere I walk, the gentle sounds of music serenade the environment. My neighbors were so happy with the sounds that they decided to buy chimes for their yards too.

Consider engraving your chimes for that personal touch. Do you have a loved one, an occasion, a pet or a plant that you would like to commemorate?  Have your chimes engraved with a special inscription and / or image.

Harmony, balance and symmetry are all integral elements in the design of your garden. The resonant sound of tuned chimes adds to the balance of a beautiful landscape. Tuned chimes blend in with the sounds of nature rather that having a "clanging" effect. The tones echo softly through the air and actually have a calming effect. 

After the last tree is planted and the last stepping stone is laid, be sure to add the final decorating touch of wind chimes.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Butterfly Kites are a BIG Hit

New to the Will of the Wind Family

Ruby Butterfly Kite
It comes with a nice nylon and plastic storage case, easy assembly instructions, and 200 feet of 37 lb polyester kite line on a ring, spool winder.  The kite is made of ripstop polyester with fiberglass spars.
 Size: 51 inch wingspan x 31 inches (130cm x 80cm)
Includes 200 feet of 37 lb. kite line on spool winder

This kite is fabulous to fly or as creative room d├ęcor.  It comes with a nice nylon and plastic storage case, easy assembly instructions, and 200 feet of 37 lb polyester kite line on a ring, spool winder.  The kite is made of ripstop polyester with fiberglass spars.
Size: 51 inch wingspan x 31 inches (130cm x 80cm)
Includes 200 feet of 37 lb. kite line on spool winder
Nylon fabric with fiberglass frame

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New 3D Windtails

These three-dimensional garden Windtails add charm and color to porch, patio, deck or garden.  Simply hang using the snap swivel provided and enjoy watch the breeze swirl the streamer tails.

The detailed features have been appliqued, embroidered, and padded for a great three dimensional fabric sculpture.

Made of weather-resistant polyester fabric and easy to hang using the snap swivel provided.

Dimensions: 8 inches x 15 inches with 32 inch wind tail

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Lily Windtail Chili Peppers Rose Windtail Daffodil Windtail

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Orca Windsocks at Will of the Wind

Orca Whale 3D Windsocks available in three sizes

Orca Whale Windsocks by the Oregon based company, In The Breeze, are made of lightweight polyester fabric and have a unique air vent sewn in their bellies. They look like they are swimming in the wind.  Our Orca Whale Windsocks are great for display indoors or outdoors.  Wind Socks are a big hit with almost everyone. Commercial locations find that Orca Whale Windsocks have the potential of drawing customers into their stores.  Sometimes that extra design feature is all it takes to capture the eye of a customer who would otherwise pass by without noticing.

Approximately 22" long (Small) $8.95
Approximately 42" long (Medium) $13.95
Approximately 63" long (Large) $19.95
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